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January 20, 2016

I’m not one for a heavy make up look, I keep my make up simple and tend to often go for the ‘no make up make up’ look. A couple of years ago due to my sensitive skin I became highly allergic to make up, every product I wore my skin would react badly. So for a long while I stopped wearing it, now I have to check that the products I put on my face are tested and are okay for sensitive skin. Alhumdullilah I no longer have major issues with reacting to product so I have started introducing more make up products to my routine.

From the picture above it looks like have more brushes and applicators then make up 😀 Like i said i try and keep it really simple but everything that is in the picture is actually all you need.

Please note all skin types are different, even though i have sensitive skin and these product works for me it may not be the same case for you.



I don’t wear foundation every day, sometimes i just wear concealer and i feel it still does the job, covering blemishes and dark circles. I wouldn’t recommend wearing it everyday since you really need to let your skin breathe. But when i do feel like wearing it i use this Milani Cosmetics Conceal and perfect foundation in the colour warm beige. You can’t find this in the shops i bought it online, i bought it on beauty bay. i just had to guess the colour and it works perfectly, i would say it’s medium coverage and it’s slightly dewy. I swear by this foundation although this is my first foundation so i’ve never tried anything else on but for me i’ll probably just stick to this because it really does work for me. It covers spots, blemishes and discolouration.







These are the concealer i wear, not all at once though it just depends on what i am feeling on the day. I bought the Nars concealer purely because every single blogger swears by it. But if i’m being honest i wouldn’t say it’s THE most amazing concealer, i feel the Nyx one is definitely a dupe and works just as well, and is so much cheaper!!! The one on the far left as you can see has been overused and you can no longer see the logo. This concealer is from Collection which you can find in superdrugs. I have been wearing this one for years, i love collection concealers because the coverage is great however i have moved onto using Nyx more just because i like the yellow tone it has more.







Moving onto eyebrows, i can’t leave the house without filling them in! I have never plucked or done my eyebrows. I have just always had thin eyebrows which i really dislike. I wish i had bushy eyebrows, i love a more fuller look. This is probably the reason why i feel the need to fill them in every day. I first use the spooly to brush them out. I then arch them using this eyebrow pencil from Rimmel in the colour dark brown and then i fill them and shape them using the brown powder from the little compact Barry M eyebrow kit. You can use any brown eye shadow to be honest.






This is my holy grail mascara, i looooveee it! When i had my make up allergy most of the reactions would occur due to wearing eye makeup. Mascara and eye shadow used to burn my eyes but then i found this mascara by Bourjois which is made especially for sensitive eyes. Even if you don’t have sensitive eyes i would deffo recommend this, i even have my sister using it. It really does volumise your lashes without making them look lumpy!







I do have the Anastasia Beverly hills contour palette however i don’t use that daily. I bought this Nyx contour palette which is actually a very close dupe. I use this for contouring/bronzing, i sometimes set my under eye concealer lightly using the yellow powder. As you can see the highlight shade on the far left has been used a lot, this is definitely my favourite highlighter. My highlight is always poppin when i wear this!






Hope you all enjoyed reading this post!

Desiraindrops x

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