About me

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my lovely little blog 😀

Desiraindrops started out way back in 2013 on Instagram. Can you believe at that point i still hadn't really grabbed the concept of Instagram and so i didn't download it (i hate trying new things). However my cousins always raved about it and told me how great it was to share photos and that i should start posting my outfits as inspirational posts for the modest fashion world. The modest fashion world was just starting out at this point with the main influencers being only Amenakin and Dina Tokio. Since then the modest fashion industry has boomed and is now at it's peak with hundreds of modest fashion bloggers. It's so great to see how far many muslim women have come!

For me i was at university at this point and i just loved dressing up and showing the world my style and how i interpreted modest fashion. Since i graduated i wanted to be more serious with blogging. I started blogging on wordpress showing fashion posts and occasional lifestyle posts. I wanted to start 2017 with a website and post more about my lifestyle, travel, beauty and of course fashion.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and of course keep in touch with me on Instagram, i'm forever on there now 😉


Desiraindrops x