Alcazar Lounge

September 8, 2017

I’ve now been to Alcazar lounge  twice and absolutely loved it both times! I must point out this Is a shisha lounge but I don’t smoke shisha and it’s far from a ‘typical shisha lounge’ it has more of a restaurant vibe.

Firstly I would like to say the staff at Alcazar are amazing, they were really attentive to our needs. The lounge is really light, spacious and the interior is very modern and cosy. It’s great place to chill with your friends as the atmosphere is really calm and relaxing.

I think we pretty much tried most things on the menu but I will talk about what I loved the most and would definitely recommend you guys to try out. So the cuisine is mainly mediterranean so the starters are what you get at every Turkish restaurant; hummus, grilled baba Ghannoush and cacik, these were from the cold starters. Definitely loved all the cold starters and it’s all served with naan bread but be careful not to eat too much of it it can fill you up real quick 😀

We had the hot starters and the mains together so I don’t remember what was considered hot starters and what was the mains. From the selection my favourites were the chicken wings, king prawns, halloumi cheese and the lamb chops, chicken shish cubes and the lamb shish cubes. All the meat was cooked perfectly and the blends of herbs and spices were just right, not that spicy but it means you can really taste the food and not worry about your eyes watering up. The food was so good it was finished in no time, and I loved the little pots they came in, presentation is key!

Oh and how could I forget to mention their selection of drinks! They have lovely range of mocktails that you must try out. So from the photos below you’ll see we all ordered the most popular mocktail, the strawberry daiquiri. My friends are absolutely obsessed with this one, I liked it but wasn’t a huge fan as towards the end of the drink I felt it was too sweet. But there is so many others you can try, I’m a bit boring I just love a classic mojito.

We did also try out their desserts but I think they may have changed them as the second time we went we had something different. So the first time we went we had these really gooey warm brownies with ice cream, my absolute fave! And the second time I forgot to take photos but we had a waffle and cookie dough which were equally as nice 🙂

Anyway enough of me waffling away, feast your eyes on these pictures below. Overall I would recommend Alcazar for a small meal, nothing too heavy but definitely still fills you up. Location wise it’s not central so if travelling using TFL you have to get the bus from Hammersmith station but it’s not too much of a long journey.

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Desiraindrops x

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