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July 25, 2017

Hello lovely people and thank you for stopping by on my blog!

So we’re going to be talking concealers today, definitely my most favourite make up item ever. Concealers are used for various reasons but the most obvious is for concealing (obviously) dark circles or covering up spots. Since my final year at uni and now from work stress and just generally stressing about life I have developed dark circles and discolouration around my eyes.

This is completely normal and natural so nothing to worry about unless they’re heavily dark which could mean lack of water, lack of sleep and a poor diet, which then of course is recommended to improve. Dark circles can also be hereditary, my circles aren’t very dark I would describe it as a warm tone of brown eye shadow (such a nice way to put it, I know).

Like I have said in my previous post I am not a make up artist, I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. I’m just an average girl experimenting with make up and sharing with you guys what works for me.

I’m also not a huge spender when it comes to make up, I tend to go for high street brands purely because they work for me and I don’t tend to wear heavy make up everyday so don’t see the point in splurging.

I am going to start off with showing you what corrector I use for my discolouration not only for my under eyes but also around the mouth area. Since I have light skin it’s recommended that I use a salmon pink shade instead of ta bright red. I found this one by L.A Girl that works perfectly to balance out my skin tones. Average price £5.00


The next concealer is probably one of my most used ones so far. It’s also from L.A Girl, you can find this brand in Beauty Base if you’re from the UK and it’s also available online. This is a great for everyday use as it’s not heavy at all, I would say it’s medium coverage. But I must admit I do tend to mix this with one of my other concealers for a more yellowy look. The shade I wear is creamy beige and the average price is £5.00


The next concealer is my ultimate fave, it’s the Nyx HD concealer in the colour sand beige 4.5. The reason why I love this is because I have yellow based undertones and this is a yellow based concealer so it works great on brightening up my eyes. I would also consider this to be a dupe to the Nars radiant creamy concealer but I find the Nyx one to be more creamier and easy to blend. Average price £6.00


The next one is the Nars concealer, now this one for me is a bit of a hit and miss. The only reason why I bought this concealer is because the whole beauty blogger community had been raving about it, saying it’s the best concealer ever. Is it the best? In my opinion no, I don’t really get the hype. Compared to the Nyx concealer I feel like I have to put a lot more product on for me to actually see the results of coverage, and as it’s a little more pricier I do prefer the Nyx one. Although the one thing that I do love about this concealer is that the shades are very accurate and once the concealer sets in it looks very natural. Average price is £23.00 and I use the shade custard.


This next concealer is the select cover up concealer by MAC. I rarely use this for my under eyes, this is more for my discolouration and spots. The coverage on this is really good and it’s a very liquidy formula. I got in the shade nw30 so it matches my skin colour exactly. Average price is £16.00


Last but not least is a another favourite for beauty bloggers, it’s the Instant Anti-age Rewind concealer by Maybelline. I just recently bought this a few weeks ago in the shade light. Next time I would go for one shade darker as I think this shade is too white for me. I really like the sponge applicator on this although I’ve noticed people on Insatgram cut it off as apparently it soaks up too much product but I quite like it. Average price is £7.00


Are any of these your favourites too? Let me know In the comment section below 🙂

Desiraindrops x




  1. Jav

    July 26, 2017 at 11:46 am

    Salaams girl! Which concealer would you say has the highest coverage? After reading your post I’m thinking of getting the Nyx one because I’m currently obsessed with my Mac prolong wear concealer which is high coverage but I need something cheaper and simpler for everyday use.

    1. admin

      September 7, 2017 at 10:22 pm


      I am obsessed with the NYX concealer it’s very creamy and covers really well! So definitely would recommend that and sorry for the late reply :/

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