The Gourmet Hut

May 23, 2017

Hello fellow foodies,

Okay so I know I am a fashion blogger but I do want to expand into lifestyle as well and well food is something that I just can’t resist. I can’t explain how many endless halal options we have been blessed with in London but post by post you’ll get to see where I’ve eaten and my honest opinions on all the restaurants! I can’t way to share my food journey with you guys.

Okay so I’m going to start off with The Gourmet Hut, I actually was invited to visit this place at the end of 2016. I know I’m terrible but I’ve only now had the chance to sit down now and start blogging properly! Although it’s been a while since I visited I did actually come here again and still held the same opinion.

So The Gourmet Hut is a small burger joint based in Whitechapel, East London. They’re main speciality is their gourmet burgers however they do offer other options too such as lamb chops and hot dogs but this is under the appetisers section.

For starters we opted for the spicy super nachos, muddy chips, lamb chops and the buffalo soldiers (wings dipped in bbq sauce). The wings were probably my favourite, literally finger licking good! My next favourite was the muddy chips I have had these before somewhere else and you can never go wrong with thick cheesy meaty chips however these were slightly chilli. The lamb chops were a little tough and nachos were nothing special but then again I wasn’t expecting anything more since it does mainly specialise in gourmet burgers.








So for the burger I went for the Mediterranean burger which consisted of a double beef patty, halloumi cheese, cheese spread, aubergine, red peppers, tomatoes, olives, caramelised onions and topped off with The Gourmet Hut’s sour cream and chive sauce. I’m literally salivating after reading that, definitely a winner for me! This was the first time I had had all of these ingredients under one bun, honestly I would recommend it, I absolutely loved it. I ordered the American fries but wish I had ordered the home made chips instead, home made is always miles better.

For drinks they had quite a variety from hot drink, cold drinks, juices to milk shakes and mocktails. I chose a classic mojito, obviously you can never go wrong with this. They had two other mocktail choices, one which was the red mis and the other was called blue bubblegum. I tried the red mist as well, it had a sweet refreshing taste however I didn’t try the bubblegum mocktail because it sounded strange as a drink but now I wish I had just tried it out.



Overall I would rate this place 4/5, the actual place was nice and intimate and the customer service was on point! The food was great, I have tried a few a gourmet burger places now  so I am a little critical. But I would definitely say this is the best gourmet burger joint in Whitechapel, for sure!



Thank you for reading,

Desiraindrops x

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