Snuggled Up

February 2, 2017

Winter has got be one of my favourite seasons when it comes to fashion purely because i love layeringgg!

I love wearing snuggly jumpers and cardigans and just going for walks when the air is crisp and clear. I don’t always love wearing coats because it can really downplay an outfit sometimes so every year i always hunt for ‘coatigans’. I’ve bought quite a few now, they’re long and warm and can be pulled off with a lot of outfits.

The ‘coatigan’ i’m wearing below was bought during the boxing day sales. On boxing day i go ham with my shopping, enough clothes to last a year (sometimes a lifetime ;D). I bought this from Pull&Bear for only £20, the original price from what i remember was around £60! Under this i wore a green midi dress from Primark, my love for midi dresses will never die. Thy’re long and loose enough to maintain a modest look and short enough to show off your shoes. I bought the dress almost two years ago now and the material has actually surprisingly lasted me quite long.

The cleated leather heels are from New Look, again i bought these quite a while back now. The leather backpack is all the way from Morocco, the souks had the most amazing collection of leather bags. I totally recommend buying a few, if you bargain for it the prices are quite cheap. My clear lens glasses are a recent buy from Asos.

All ootd pictures are below 🙂



Hope you all enjoyed reading this post!

Desiraindrops x

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