My Maltese Escape

October 16, 2017

Malta is a very popular destination for travellers who want to just relax and get away from the busy city life. Malta is made up of three small islands and is situated near Italy and on top of North Africa. If you search it on Google maps you’ll see how tiny the wee island is. You can literally go from one end of the island to the other end within one hour, it’s like the size of London.

So me and my sister decided to spend six days in Malta and six days was more then enough to visit all three islands; Malta, Gozo and Comino. I will break down everything in this blog post so you can get an idea of what Malta is like, if the locals are friendly, places to eat, attractions to visit, prices and our overall experience 🙂

This Is an extremely old church in Gozo.


Wherever we travel we always do it on a budget and make sure we get the cheapest flights and hotel. Our flight to Malta was pretty cheap as we went off peak and the price came up to £140. For accommodation we found it extremely difficult to find a decent quality cheap hotel so we opted to go for an Air bnb (this was our first time and deffo not last). The Air bnb was a small flat with two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and a dining area all for just around 100 something for 6 days. We decided to get somewhere close to the capital Valetta as this was the main place which had the main bus terminal connecting us to other parts of Malta.

This was taken in Valetta

Public Transport 

As I said earlier Malta is a tiny island and you can get around pretty quick especially if you hire a car for your trip, unfortunately I’m not brave enough to drive outside the UK. The main public transport system here is the bus, in fact they dot have trains it’s just the buses, taxis (obviously very expensive), and the ferries to get to to the other islands. We each bought a weekly bus pass for 20 euros as it worked out cheaper and lets you go on unlimited journeys and trust me you will use the bus a lot. Only down side is buses don’t come as fast as they do in London, some take up to half an hour which we found pretty crazy. Huge tip download their bus app called ‘Talinja’ that will be your life saver, thank me later 🙂

The above pictures are of the streets in Valetta, very old but authentic.


As the country has been through years and years of colonisation from the arabs and Great Britain they don’t really have a rich culture. In fact you can still find evidence of British colonisation as we saw a lot of red telephone boxes! Since the island is situated near Italy their main cuisine is Italian. We literally binge ate pasta and pizza and I was not complaining because boy they know how to make a good pizza! In terms of halal food it was very difficult to find and we rarely saw any muslims. On the first day we explored Valetta and Sliema and found a Turkish place that served halal chicken. The name of the place is Oz Sofra Kebab, we later found they had other branches across the whole of Malta.















Lots of people have asked what’s it like for muslims, were people racist and unfriendly? To be honest as sad as it is I’m always ready and always expecting to face some sort of racism or islamaphobia. However we did not have any issues at all, the locals were super nice and made us feel really welcome! Surprisingly the stares and rudeness that we did get was from the British expats.

The view from the Dingli Cliffs.



In terms of prices within Malta due to Brexit the pound is no longer as strong as the euro so because of that prices were quite similar but you’ll find that you barely spend much. I literally did not spend more then £400 on this holiday! Apart from the weekly bus card and food the only other cost is the ferry to get to the other island which is very very cheap! Also you can opt to do bus tours of each island and this is also quite cheap. We did this for Gozo and literally saw all the attractions within one hour and we loved it 🙂

This is the view from the ferry port in Gozo

Pretty architecture from the old town of Rabat

Attractions and overall Experience

So in Malta the main cities are Valetta and Sliema, these are very modern and have literally every British shop you can think of. I was obsessed with the narrow old streets here, it was just so picturesque! You can also get a beautiful view of the sea here but there isn’t any beaches. We visited the Dingli cliffs which was at the edge of the whole island and had the most stunning view of the ocean, I’ve honestly never seen anything like it. Around the Dingli cliffs area it is very remote and there isn’t a lot to do. However a couple of stops before you can get off at Rabat and explore the old city, nothing has been touched here so you can explore the old town as it was made and it’s so beautiful! In the north of Malta there are various beaches you can visit but a slight warning when it’s really hot the beaches get super packed out but towards the sunset people tend to leave and it becomes really peaceful to just sit there and watch the sun go down. My favourite Island was Gozo it was peaceful, calm, very remote and relaxing. The island with the prettiest sea view has got to be the Comino island which is also the smallest, as far as I know no one actually lives here. This island is famous for the beautiful Blue Lagoon, the sea is two toned and it’s absolutely crystal clear I was obsessed with it. Gah this post was longer then expected, really didn’t want to bore you guys but overall I would 100% recommend you to pay cute little Malta a visit. It’s the perfect destination to just wind down and relax, there isn’t a lot to do but it’s a gorgeous island with lovely beaches and boy you will need this escape when you live in crazy busy London.


The views from the beautiful Blue Lagoon



I hope you enjoyed reading my posts and if you’re thinking to go Malta do let me know!

Desiraindrops x


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