Spanish Getaway

April 3, 2017

Hola Amigos!

What’s better than leaving your stress behind in gloomy miserable London and escaping to sunny warm Barcelona…. nothing!

Two of my friends, my sister and I decided to get away for a couple of days and explore Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain. We went during off peak season so our flights only cost around £60 return, could’ve been a lot less had we booked earlier but we did it all a bit last minute. We flew out on Saturday 11th March and stayed for 5 nights and 4 days. In my opinion I would’ve preferred an extra day or two since there is so much to see in the city and we tried our best to cram it into 4 days, leaving us very exhausted towards the end.

Firstly let me start off with where we stayed, I got a ton of questions about this. It’s crucial you find the right hotel in the right location and with good customer service. I absolutely loved our hotel, we stayed at the Salles Hotel Pere which is rated 4 stars on Trip Advisor. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos but I really wished I had, the actual hotel looked amazing. All four of us shared a room and we though it would be tight, however the rooms were spacious and the view from our window was incredible. It looked as though the hotel rooms had just been newly decorated, they had everything we needed and more. The customer service was amazing, the staff were very attentive to our needs and helped us with all our typical touristy questions. The hotel was 10 minutes away from the beach and a 5 minute walk from the metro train station, very close to the city centre. How could I forget to mention the breakfast options were endless! It was a buffet of every type of breakfast you could think of!

Okay let’s talk about Spain itself, if I’m honest with you having totally become obsessed with Morocco I didn’t think I’d be as fond of this cosmopolitan city. However I fell in love with Barcelona from the very first day, the people were so sweet and helpful and the views of the city were stunning! As you all may know Barcelona is known for it’s art and architecture as the majority of the buildings were designed by Gaudi. We started off our first day in Park Guell, this was one of Gaudi’s major works and this park was definitely major. It was hugeeee and the designs of the buildings were so unique, there was also a lot of mosaic patterned tiles surrounding the park.  To get to the park we has to climb up this steep hill, it was long but It meant I didn’t miss out on any gym sessions ;D
















On our second day we took the cable cars to the top of Montjuic hill, the view was mesmerising. We chilled here for a while, the atmosphere was just so calm and peaceful. We then went over to La Rambla which is a long street in Barcelona, it stretched across 1.2 kilometres, I felt it was like the Spanish Oxford Street. This was just a  nice place to go for shopping, restaurants and just generally going for a wander around. Everything around here in the city centre was close by and only a short walking distance, so then we walked to the gothic quarters. The Gothic Quarters is the centre of the old city of Barcelona. the real beauty of this place was the interesting little streets ands buildings. On this day we literally walked so much we were exhausted but we really wanted to go to the beach. But since we went later on in the day it got quite cold so it wasn’t the best expereince, we got caught up in a little sandstorm. All the pictures below are from this day.

On our third day we visited the famous cathedral La Sagrada Familia, this was also designed by Gaudi. The cathedral has been in the process of being built for over 100 years, there was still so much construction work going on. We then went to the Boqueira market, great place for fresh food and drinks. This day was more relaxed and we just soaked in the sun and wandered around La Rambla again. Eventually we ended up in plaça catalunya which I thought looked so much like Trafalgar Square! There was a lot of designer shops around here, there was small fountains in the centre of the square and also a whole load of pigeons all over the place. In the evening, late at night we went to bunkers del carmel, this was definitely the highlight of my whole trip!! It’s basically right at the top and gives you an amazing 360 panoramic view of the whole of Barcelona. I tried taking photos but in all honesty the photos do not do the view any justice. We spent a few hours up here and it just felt so peaceful and it just really made me grateful for being able to go traveling and experience new things.


























That concluded our trip, overall I would definitely recommend Barcelona if you’re looking for a quick escape. It’s a beautiful city and I’m sure it’s even more amazing in the summer. I was scared that we may face racism but much to my surprise there was no racism at all Alhumdulillah, everyone in the city was welcoming and helpful. You may also get told about pick pocketing, we were warned about this before we came as Barcelona is known for this but luckily we had no issues at all! In terms of prices as we all know the pound’s value has dropped so there isn’t a major difference between the pound and the euro, so don’t expect things to be cheap. I would love to come back to Spain but next time I would go to the south and visit Granada as I’ve always wanted to go there!

Hope you all enjoyed reading my blog and if you have any questions at all then feel free to ask.

Desiraindrops x

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