My week in Morocco

January 25, 2017

Mesmerising, exciting, amazing, warm, loving, captivating, fascinating, surprising, stunning, breathtaking. These are just a selection of words i would use to describe my trip to Morocco.

Small warning this may be one hell of a long post, i have so much to talk about even though i was only there for a week! I’ve included photos too so you can follow me on my trip one day at a time.

Honestly it was one of the best trips i had been on and i can’t believe how quick time flew! Now i’m back in gloomy grey London typing this blog post while i’m cuddled up in bed listening to some Saad Lamjarred and reminiscing my memories.  This blog post has been highly requested by many people, i hope those who wish to travel here will find it as useful as i would have had i done research beforehand.

Let me start right from the beginning, since being a young teen i had always dreamed of visiting Morocco. Quite literally it was actually the only country that was on my bucket list. I had always been fascinated by the Moroccan culture, architecture and it’s natural beauty. So a couple of months back my cousin said to me why don’t we just go? we’ve been dreaming about it for so long let’s just plead our parents and book the trip. So it took us a couple of months to beg our parents for permission (if you’re pakistani you’ll know the struggle of having strict parents) in the end they finally said yes Alhumdulillah!

However a week before our trip my cousins had issues with their passports and unfortunately had to pull out leaving just me and my sister alone. We were terrified to travel by ourselves especially since this was our first proper holiday. Everyone kept scaring me saying how it’s a dangerous country and we should be careful we don’t get groped or sexually harassed. We left on eid day (this was unplanned, we had hoped eid was a day before at least) we arrived within 3 hours it was a short journey, thank God.

We stayed in a small riad based in Old Medina Marrakech just a 5 minute walk from Jemaa el fna, the perfect location in my opinion. If you stay in a local riad as opposed to a modern resort you get a real feel of the traditional Moroccan culture. If you want to search our riad on tripadvisor it’s called ‘Dar Limoun Amara’. If you’re going alone or as a small group this riad would be perfect, it had a lovely homely feel. It was run by this one young guy who was very sweet and attended to all our needs. One thing i will say about these small riads is that pictures tend to be deceiving, rooms can actually be smaller in person and packages can be slightly different once you get there.

Since we had arrived on Eid it was quite quiet in the city, most people were obviously celebrating at home with their families. Most shops were also shut, the Jemaa el fna market was quiet however towards the evening some places started opening up. On the first day we just roamed around to get familiar with our surroundings and to generally explore the city. As it was just me and my sister we didn’t stay out too late just to be on the safe side. On the first night we ate at a local restaurant near the square, i ordered a chicken Tagine and a drink and it cost me £3 i was impressed.

However as we went along with our trip and stumbled across other restaurants we found they were charging prices very similar to London which was shocking! On the second day the strangest thing happened, i bumped into an old high school friend at my riad. It really is such a small world! As my friend and her sister had been there a while they knew their way around far better then i did so they kindly took us to Ben Youssef Madrasa during the day which was beautiful! They then took us shopping to the souks in the evening, i had so much fun here! There’s so many beautiful items to buy and haggling can be such a fun experience if done properly. A big warning to you all they do charge very high prices as they know you’re tourists, don’t pay them for the first price they give you, haggle haggle haggle!


On our third day we booked an excursion with our riad, this was a trip to the ouzoud waterfalls. On these trips you tend to go with a group and you have a tour guide with you at all times. On all our trips we were always accompanied by tour guides that were from berber villages; berber people were the most sweetest, selfless and kind hearted people i came across! With this trip there was a lot of climbing and hiking to do in order to get to the waterfall. But the struggle was worth it in the end, the view was truly mesmerising. As much as my photos came out nice it doesn’t do it any justice, you just have to see it with your own eyes.

The following three days we went on ‘the desert trip’, this trip was my favourite! We vistited Ait Ben Haddou where many films and Tv series’s had been shot, we then visited Ourzazate. Here we met the locals and learnt how the local women make wool rugs, i really wanted to take one home!

The views from these places were beautiful i would do anything to go back just to take it all in again. On that night we stayed over at a hotel which was provided with the trip and the following morning we made our way to the Merzouga Desert. We rode camels whilst the sun was setting and camped under an array of stars and the full moon, a truly special experience. The only one thing i didn’t like about this trip was that we travelled soooo much as the area we were visiting was on the other side of Morocco, it was about a ten hour journey. I got very restless towards the end however none the less it was so worth it!

In terms of safety i God helped my sister and i in so many situations Alhumdulillah. The whole week we were never left alone, we were always accompanied by other tourists we met along the way and it was so amazing to meet such a variety of people from all over the world. Because it’s such a busy tourist destination I would say it’s quite safe to be in, i didn’t personally have any issues. Overall i would highly recommend Morocco as a holiday destination! I plan on going there again very soon as i didn’t get a chance to visit cities such as Fes and Chefchaouen and have always dreamed of going there. Sorry this post was so long but if anyone is visiting there soon and wants to ask me any questions feel free to message me


Desi x


  1. samira

    April 4, 2017 at 9:16 pm

    beautiful !
    and i would recommend a beautiful place in Morocco like tanger, Casablanca.
    they are my favorite city’s in Morocco.
    love reading you’re blog keep up the good work, and i love you <3

    1. admin

      May 14, 2017 at 4:50 pm

      I will be visiting again in sha Allah, this time I want to go Fes and Chefchoun I don’t know if I spelt that right lol thank you so much for your kind words, lots of loveee x

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