All Black Everything

January 20, 2016

I very rarely wear all black, i’m more of a grey person but i also love experimenting with colour. However on this day the temperature in London had drastically dropped and black felt like the only way to go. I met with Chaima who’s an upcoming photographer originally from France but is now based in London. We did the photo shoot in South Kensington, i love this area! There’s just something about white traditional houses, the photos always come out nice and clear.

If you want to check out her photography search for @achaimaphotgraphy on Instagram.

Also all my outfit details are up on Instagram, my rings were either gifts or bought from the local market. The clear lens glasses are from Asos, they have such a nice selection! And my boots are from New look, one of the most comfortable boots I own.

The coat i am wearing is from Asos, pretty sure i’ve had this old thing for about 3 years. It has really lasted me long and definitely keeps me warm every winter. Grey coats are a staple for every winter wardrobe.






























Hope you enjoyed this post!

Desi x


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